Easton Press DRAGON'S FIRE McCaffrey SEALED Signed First Edition

Easton Press DRAGON'S FIRE McCaffrey SEALED Signed First Edition

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(Dragonriders of Pern)
Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey

Factory Sealed - Shrink Wrapped

Easton Press shrinkwrapped and signed LIMITED FIRST edition.
Book comes with original COA and documentation shrink wrapped inside the book as normally produced by Easton Press. 


The McCaffreys' second fire-breathing collaboration (after 2003's Dragon's Kin) again proves why these fabled dragons still cast a spell. Pellar, a mute Apprentice Harper; Halla, a homeless girl; and Cristov, a miner's son, learn invaluable life lessons as the planet Pern prepares for the return of the deadly Red Star and its annihilating "Thread," which can only be destroyed by firestone-fueled dragonfire. But mining firestone is dangerous work, often carried out by children of disenfranchised criminals called the Shunned. Accompanied by his new fire-lizard Chitter, Pellar joins Masterharper Zist in a search for Moran, a missing Journeyman Harper who's involved with the Shunned. Pellar finds his fate intertwined with Halla, but his tangle with Tenim, a ruthless thief, almost keeps them apart. Their friend Cristov learns about the Shunned firsthand after a terrible mine explosion. Fortunately, events lead to dragon-riding wish fulfillment and a remarkable discovery. While it allegorizes the risks of mining fossil fuels and the horrors of slave labor, this coming-of-age fantasy offers suitable dragon play for all ages.